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  • The Village Gathering

    This weekend we put together a little dinner for The Village Mag, 11 awesome women made it out to my house for a night of good food and wine. The majority of us had never met before, these women were stepping into a situation without knowing anything about me or the other guests. Once we settled in everyone had their own story to tell, the room was like one, big and open beating heart. If you live in the Bay Area and would like to attend one of these dinners go ahead and leave a comment here or shoot me an email, everyone is welcome. The village is as strong as you make it. 

  • 25

    Not in a million years would I have guessed I'd be where I am today. I'm actually really relieved to be over with my floaty early 20s. A lot has happened between 17 and 25. I've gone off a few deep ends and came back to tell the tale. I've lost a few friends, made new friends, lived in NY, worked at Vice, traveled to Africa, worked on a tv show, made a million and one bad choices, written a few scripts, spent a few days in a looney bin, shaved my head, moved to SF, graduated college, met Jocelyn, had a baby and now I'm here - with a few other moments in between. I wouldn't change any of it but most of all I'm thankful I've had the chance to travel solo. I think it's the thing that saved me from me. Out on the road on your own with no one else but yourself to deal with. These last three or so years have been really huge for me, I finally feel ok with myself. A few things I'm still learning..

    //Surround Yourself with Smart and Positive People 
    Hanging out with smart people makes you smarter because they challenge you. It helps if they are positive so not to just argue for the sake of it but to discuss and learn together. A lot of the time, smart people are funnier and that's enough of a reason to hang with those book worms. 
    //Today Creates Your Tomorrow
    Whatever choices you make today will influence your tomorrow. We don't find ourselves, we create ourselves. I've stopped waiting around for good things to happen to me. A good day is a day spent working towards a better tomorrow. 
    //We're All Unique 
    Growing up in LA I was surrounded by women getting breast implants or going on excessive juice cleanses. I thought I'd never be as pretty, skinny, funny or whatever it was as my neighbor but as soon as I could slow down and appreciate myself I could see the uniqueness in everyone around me. We spend so much time comparing ourselves to other people, we get lost and fail to see the beauty in each other's differences. And honestly, who wants to be like everyone else anyways? 
    //Always Give it Your All
    Whether a business idea, friendship, relationship or whatever. It's so easy to half ass things and lose sight of why you began to pour your heart into it in the first place. If you felt that fire in the beginning, there's something there - don't stop. 
    //To Each His Own
    It's so easy to pick up that jug of Hateraid and start judging. It's not as easy to sit back and agree to disagree. We've all had our own experiences and if someone else is stupid it's not your problem. 
    //Hamburgers Are Really Good
    I hadn't had a hamburger in 12 years. I'm a happier person now that I eat hamburgers. 
    //Travel and Keep A Journal
    Traveling will shatter every illusion you have of the world and give you a sense of community. I've learned more about myself and others through travel. Whether it's a photo journal or a written journal, you should always document your time spent traveling because you will forget the most important pieces.
    //True Friends Are Always There
    True friends are the ones you feel unbounded with, you can be your complete self around them. You’ll know because it feels genuine. Staying connected is effortless. Friends will always come and go. The real ones will stay. And the real ones are the people you grow with, the ones who help keep you grounded and who will help you reach your potential.
    //Green Smoothies
    I have one everyday. It's the easiest way to feel healthy and eat a ridiculous amount of fruit and veges without trying too hard. 
    //Learning To Love To Learn
    Once I felt a passion for learning it became easier to focus.
    //Always Go With Your Gut
    Seriously. Never doubt a gut feeling. I've doubted myself way too many times and it seems like I still haven't learned to trust those feelings. After having Lila, it's become easier but definitely not as in tune as I want to be. 

    A few photos from the celebration of my day of birth. Spent with friends and family on a weekday. There's nothing better. xo