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  • Nanny Found!

    Lately I've been kind of sick of the spurious content being puked all over the internet by people. I guess it's just the circle I run in these days. No more depressed, funny and self hating content flooding my feed late at night. I kind of miss it. Anyways, that being said, I'm going to pledge to document my life in a more honest way. DEAL? Deal.

    You guys. I found a nanny. I didn't think I would ever find help who I could trust but I did. Her name is Luz. She's so good with Lila and she makes it possible for me to work and pee by myself at least 3 times a day which is pretty cool. She doesn't shave her legs and she hasn't once turned on the tv to entertain Lila. I am so thankful. HELL YA. On that note, I just wrapped up my first commercial directed by me which was pretty sweet. I'll share it in a couple of weeks once it's released. Unrelated photo below: