She was born in San Francisco on October 14, 2013. 3 weeks early. She loves cats, her mom, her mom's boobs and sweet potatoes. She's part French, Bengali, Native American and Italian. A true libra she is peaceful and gentle but will never say I'm sorry. An impressive world traveler since 3 months old. She's an observer and definitely a thinker. 


He is always smiling and truly always happy. He loves the boob. He's just starting to try foods and every time he gets a taste of something new he whips himself back and forth grinning that gummy grin. He smells like a fresh newborn baby. He loves watching Lila jump around the house and he's a pretty patient little dude when it comes to waiting for his needs to be met. 


I was born and raised in Los Angeles. Planted my roots in the Bay Area. My life has completely changed. I had no idea I'd be raising a little human so early in adulthood. I have no idea what I'm doing but it seems to be going just fine. Figuring things out as I go. I'm using this space as a journal, mostly for myself and mostly as a video journal. We are raising our daughter, Lila Lune, in Oakland. And now, her brother, Nova. Jocelyn is half French and half Bengali. I'm easily inspired. We travel between Paris, LA and SF. We like to take pictures. We like to garden. We like to write. We love to learn. Thanks for visiting our little nook, there's no theme and our photos aren't always beautiful, we're just living.          

What I do 

I collect vintage Playboy magazines and read Anais Nin. I love the art of women.  Indoor gardening is a big passion of mine, I have way too many plants. I would be happy if my home resembled a jungle. You can find me working from home or at the tea house down the street. I used to work as a producer/director for moving pictures.  My dream is to one day see one of my scripts on screen. I'm currently working on a disruptive startup in the financial world - much less sexier but I hope to change the industry with it. For now, my creative itch is scratched while working with friends on creative projects. I'm a hybrid - making me part SAHM and part Boss Lady.

A recent project with Sapling Child